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The F700GS is a great bike.
The WeStrom is similar. I looked at one carefully before I bought an F650GS. The We is a bit heavier, a bit less powerful, does not handle quite as well, is likely more reliable, is a fair amount cheaper, has no where near as many farkles available.

I am VERY happy with my F650GS, now with over 30k miles on it. It can cruse 85mph all day (500+ miles) in comfort, id very good in the mountain twisties, and is great on dirt roads. The limit on single track is tires (easily fixed). It's only short coming(if you consider it that) is it has less ground clearance/suspension travel. This is only important if you are climbing over rocks/logs etc or intend to jump the bike or do big whoops. The taller suspension makes the bike much taller (ok if you are over 6 ft or so) significantly raises the c of g, which degrades pavement handling tin the twisties a bit.

It really depends on how you want to ride, which bike is best
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