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Originally Posted by Mr Fast View Post
Scott, I have to say that you are a natural storyteller. You guys came out & got a taste of Baja with Allan & John Jr. You haven't met the other portion of real racing & what it entails. You have an advantage though in having been overseas & in combat. You are going to find many similarities. Racing is 1/3 preparation, 1/3 talent (i.e. skill), & 1/3 luck. Sound familiar ? Crucial decisions have to be made quickly with little info; there's a constant fog of information & misinformation going on. After the fact everything is 20/20 but it won't matter. What's crucial is what you do at the moment. Your adrenalin is running at 100%. Sound familiar? Don't forget that your purpose is Noble & don't forget to have fun.
That is just what Ed, has been telling me! He has no worries about us finding a way to get to the finish in time if it is within our power. The big thing is the 1/3 luck, you never know when that will runout the door on you. I am a big believer in when it is your time it is just your time, so live life and have fun with it! I would be lying if I was to say that Scott, and I are not nervous about the race but it is just the vehicle that we are driving to try and help the ones that need it.

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