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Day 3 Sept 19 250 kms Grinrod BC to Nakusp BC

We got back on the bike in the morning and had it all together in no time.

The stator that went on me looked like the original stator, and the one Starsky had was a newer, higher output one, so Terry suggested we use the regulator that came off the same bike as the stator. We spent the rest of the morning dicking around with my bike. One of them would look at something on my bike and say something like “well, what you got there is OK, but if we just did this or this with it, I think it would be a bit better”

After it was all said and done, and they were happy that they had tweaked every little thing I would let them, it was time to settle up. I was hoping for a bit of a deal, as I had known these guys for quite a while, but I understood that this was how they made their living and was willing to pay whatever the bill came to.

Well………. Starsky says, with the parts, and gaskets and labor…….. and tells me this ridiculously low number. I was like, “ Are you sure” and they say yep, that’s what it comes to”, So I says, “ Well, what about the Doctor of Darkness’ part?” and they say , “yep, that’s included”

I tell them that’s ridiculous, pay Starsky the original amount, give Terry some more, and thank them.

We visit for a while more, say our goodbyes, and I head out, happy that my bike is leaving the shop with a working charging system and some other things tweaked.

And….. they threw in the mirror. J


I rode towards Revelstoke, then down hwy 23 towards Nakusp . On the ferry, I got talking to a trucker who had just bought a Harley, and a local guy on a CBR 1000RR.

On the ferry

When we got to the other side, CBR guy says, “I am turning soon to go to the hotsprings, so you may as well unload ahead of me.”

Ummmmmm…….lets see, old fat guy on a 36 year old, 60 horsepower bike, and a young guy on a new 180 horsepower bike and twisty roads ahead.

I say, “No, that’s OK, you go ahead, I am going to go slow and enjoy the view” J

And away he went….. I never saw him again or where he turned off for the Hotsprings.

I rode into Nakusp and got a room for the night.
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