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does it come in black?
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Originally Posted by gmtech View Post
haha awsome what kinda milage to you get on that gaint bike! and how far can you go on a tank of gas?

how did that snow tire hold up to the ride?
id like to here about the bike more =)
i wouldnt imagine very many people would take that bike up there.. but it does look mighty comfy and i bet it cruises awsome!
The tire was great. No issues. It's still on the bike! It had great traction on gravel, mud and during 100's of miles of rain.

It would have been nice to have a lighter bike on the Dalton Highway but for the rest of the trip the bike was very comfortable.

I can travel between 200 and 260 miles on a tank of gas depending on speed. The Vision has a 6 gallon tank.

I was able to make it to Prudhoe Bay from Coldfoot but the bike took 5.53 gallons.
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