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The clutch dragged on my bike ever since I bought it from the previous owner 20,000 miles ago. It was about the same amount of creep after I put a .5 clutch oil jet in.

I toasted a clutch on a long slow uphill with the stock size jet. Ever since I put the .5 in I have never had any issues with the clutch. I do have to shift into neutral when rolling, or rev it up to 2.5k with the clutch pulled in to shift into neutral if I'm stopped. The gearbox is a little clunky when it's cold but only from first to second. After it heats up I don't notice any difference.

I run Rotella T6 5w-40 and my bike has 35,000 miles on it.

Another thing I noticed is if I have the clutch pulled in at a stoplight and the bike's dragging I can blip the throttle and the drag goes away until the rev's return under 1800-1900 rpm. The drag doesn't bother me since my legs are too short to get both on the ground anyway so I just put my left foot down at stops and hold the other on the rear brake.
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