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Originally Posted by Steveman View Post
Sorry if this questions has been already raised. I did a search but had results with zillion possibilities.... However, think its in the nature of a forum that some questions may have been asked several times. Pls dont shoot me

After a short ride I tried to adjust the foot brake lever as it is far too low for offroad riding when I stand on the pegs. Unfortunately the pedal seems to be already in its top position as the lever touches its upper stop (I think thats the stoplight switch).
Turning the spindle just reduces the pedals gap. Sure I can add a bracket on the pedal so that it gets higher but I'd like to have a possibility to lift and lower the lever as I am not always riding off road.

I think the position of the pedal is standard but I can remember that when I installed the TouraTech crash bars that I had to take of the brake pedal and had to add a small bracket or plate, cant remember for what this was but am sure that this did not change the pedals original position.

How did you solve the problem?

I simple grabbed the foot brake lever by the end and bent it outwards (away from the bike) so that the top (vertical) triangle of the brake lever was easily reachable when standing. In it's stock position this part of the lever is too close to the bike to step on with the boot.

Works like a charm. Takes 10 seconds. And best yet - costs nothing.
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