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ABS fault weirdness

I've been having some weird ABS faults on a 2006 1150GSA, integral brakes.

Bike will usually start and ride off with no faults. At some point in the ride, the general warning and fast flash brake light will come on. The first time, the GS911 reported 'front pressure too low' and 'defective front brake switch'. I cleared them. Did it again the next day. I didn't bother clearing. Both times, the servos are still working. I am assuming the ABS is off though.

Today, I get the same error lights, but this time, no servos which was a surprise. When I got home and checked the codes though, it said 'rear pressure was low'.

I could hear the front brake switch clicking, with my ear next to it. When I had the ignition on (bike not running) while hooked up to the GS911, I was playing with the front brake, and after a handful of pulls, the pump whiring stayed on, and I had to kill it with the key.

Any ideas where to start? Obviously taking it anywhere with the brakes in random behavior mode is out.
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