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Well that's easy for one circuit, but for eight it would be a pain. You would need an ammeter for each channel. That's 8 precision ADCs which is pricey. I think fuses are safer anyway. Everyone knows that they are, how they work, and it remove me from the liability if they set it up incorrectly in the software.

The GS style temporary power after shutdown is part of the current feature set. I didn't mention it, but I will be keeping the system on for period of time you can determine. When I get around to building a dedicated handle bar mounted unit, I'll allow you to turn it on the system by hand as well as by key. There will be a battery to keep the system running once the main relay is off.

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Sounds like a good product to me. The variable outputs for heated gear is the feature that can make something like this cost effective. What I have on my bike now is a prototype that someone local built, but never got around to producing. Another feature to consider are outputs that are on all the time and outputs that stay on for a few minutes and then shut down (keep GPS going at gas station, but not stay on long enough to drain battery). Did you consider active overcurrent shut down instead of fuses?
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