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Day 3

We woke up with the sunrise again, heated our coffee and noodles and started riding.

We dropped off the back of the ridge we were camped on and came across our first river crossing that we needed to cross to get back on the main route.

Minxter got bounced around and tipped over but she made it without putting her bike in the drink. She wasn't happy with her performance!!

As fall approaches the nomads were gathering grasses for their herds for the winter and we were seeing piles like these drying everywhere.

Just up the road we came across these guys with a flat. Being "flat tire technicians" ourselves we stopped to heckle them a bit and then see if they needed anything. Total language barrier of course.

They had put in a new tube and were pumping fiercely with their pump which they didn't realize had a huge split in the hose so no air was going into the tube. I pointed it out and they held it closed as Buuuuurrrt helped them pump it up. They couldn't get enough air with their pump so we finished it off with ours.

As we travel on we come to a town where we can stock up on food again. The towns kinda remind me of towns in the western US from about a hundred years ago. Wide dirt streets with businesses lined up on each side.

We were following a valley northward. It was a really nice ride with mountainous terrain and wide meadows used for grazing.

The valley we were in dumped into a larger valley with a substantial river in it and this small section of sand dunes.

We spun around on them a couple times for fun and then kept going.

We dropped into a larger town where we picked up some more food and met a Canadian couple who'd been living there for 20 years! They moved there as Christian missionaries and were currently setting up a feed lot and slaughter house. They confirmed that Mongolia was like the wild west with cattle rustlers and people killing each other for gold that they dig for. We boiled a dozen eggs at their place before leaving.

At one store some little kids came out with some sort of popsicle. We decided to try one. Frozen goat yogurt. Quite interesting to say the least.

We ride out of town and cruise until we'd had enough. Then it's up onto a ridge to find a campsite.

This turns out to be a really nice camp. As we're sitting there enjoying our Vodka we see a rainbow appear.

We walk over to see that it's actually a double rainbow (the second one not really visible in this photo). This was our favorite campsite up to now.

Now it's time for our nightly routine of cooking what we were calling "Steppe Stew". Steppe Stew consists of any vegetables you can find chopped up and cooked with powdered soup and or gravy seasonings. We were buying various sausages that were a mix of goat and other animals which we'd throw in toward the end along with some noodles. We would find potatoes, onions, turnips, carrots and cabbage in the little towns although most of the stores had a very limited selection. The Canadian Christian Cowboys gave us a few ears of really starchy sweet corn. They were nice folks.

We were running a stove that burned unleaded gasoline. It had two settings: off and weld. What it lacks for in temperature control it made up for in reliability in burning gas from our bikes tanks.

Mmmmmmmm! Looks like the Steppe Stew is ready!! Tonight it was cabbage and onions with sausage and noodles.

130km for the day.

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