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Back on to tweaks now . . .

I'm ready to install the stock risers I received today, thanks D !!! But ran into some questions . . .

Stock risers and 7/8" bars
I have 7/8" Bikemaster Superbike bars that cause a 1/8" gap on the risers. I haven't tightened the nuts, but I can't imagine this decreasing much. Is this normal?

Spacer under top plate reduces amount of threaded stud for nut.
There is a spacer piece with white rubber washers under the triple tree top plate. Is this a stock piece, or possibly an add-on for the Space Ace barbacks I just took off? The threaded studs on the risers aren't long enough to go all the way through the nuts, so I'm wondering if it's a bad idea, or okay, to thread the studs back out a 1/8" to have more stud underneath for the nut?

Control grip removal and grease.
The current bars have plastic plugs and the left grip is really on tight. I don't think it's glued, but I obviously can't put my air compressor hose in the right side to help "blow out" since that plug is in there. Any tips?

Can anyone tell me about the graphite colored grease that is under the right throttle grip? Do I need to use a certain type?

I can't ride my bike till I get this stuff figured out, so I'm hoping to at least figure out if the current bars are okay with the risers, AND some solution for the riser studs and spacer under the top plate. However, there will still be an issue of tank clearance with the controls. I couldn't rotate the bar or grips where I want and not hit the tank. I really want full steering angle without damaging the tank . . . so clubman bars may become necessary.
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