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2011 KTM Adventure issues

Hi All,

Just back from a 7000km jaunt thru Africa and now it's time to sort out some issues.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated as always as the local KTM dealer is trying, but I'll let your imagination fill in the blanks..

1) On bringing the clutch lever in, the engine RPM shoots up to 5000rpm

2) The engine rpm regularly 'hangs up' around 3500-4000rpm for between 3-12secs before slowly reducing to what you would expect

3) Engine is backfiring on a regular basis

The ECU has been reset,( running Staintunes with the Aka. map installed ) no fault codes logged and the throttle body is in the process of being ultrasonic cleaned. Fuel filter has been changed, air filter has been changed.

Has anyone come across the above before? Looking at checking the fuel pump delivery pressure and fuel injectors next.

The bike had 6000km's on the Odometer when the above issues started to arise.

Any advice would be much appreciated

Cheers from the desert,

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