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Pelican case luggage rack attachment

Originally Posted by KX50002 View Post
How did you attach it? I want to hang one on my 1200 Bandit, but (I should ride a KLR) I'm too cheap to buy a bracket and want to make my own.
(Shoulda quoted the original post more: this pertains to installing a Pelican 1500 case on a '08 and '06 KLR650)
First I took the luggage rack off the bike and figured out where I wanted my retaining points. I then drilled holes for these pins that have holes through them for putting through a cotterpin or similar. I don't have a photo of the bottom of the rack, but each of the pins goes through a steel portion of the rack for strength.

Then I inverted the luggage rack and put it on the bottom of the Pelican to mark the hole positions. Drilled the holes and made 'em just a teensy bit oversized to the pins. Don't want too much slop but don't want to have to position the case with 1/2mm precision to get it to slip over the pins either.

Here's what we end up with (I made a t-bar out of strap metal pop-riveted together to spread the load. Obviously you've gotta plan your holes on the rack and case to fit the spacing of the holes on the strap metal). You could of course use fender washers instead of the strap metal.

Then you mark the too-tall pins for where you need to cut 'em off. Remove them and do so, and file or grind the cut ends to a bit of a chamfer. Here's the final outcome.

With this setup the case is very firmly attached, is easily removable, yet is secured to the bike once you lock the Pelican case since nobody can get inside to remove the hairpins. I carry all my tools and stuff that I want on the bike every day in the case, and keep my "removables" in sidebags or elsewhere. So you can either remove it when you go into a hotel room at night or can leave it on the bike locked up.

The other beauty of this setup is I have 2 KLRs. One is my 2 wheel ADV bike, the other is a 06 attached to a Sputnik sidecar for my wife and I. I have the same setup on the '06 sidecar rig so I can move the tailcase to whichever bike I'm going to use. Makes it easy to be sure I have all the stuff I may need for repairs on either bike. Yes, you do have to empty the box to get down to the pins to disconnect it, but it's a minor hassle. I'm good at it now, I know how everything fits just so so I can unload, transfer the box to the other bike, and shut the lid done in 3 minutes.

PS: I do have a piece of thin rubber over the bottom of the case/strapping/pins to protect the contents from the tiny bit of protruding pins. I just used some of that perforated rubber like you use to line toolbox drawers. Works well.

Here it is on the '06 w/sidecar.

Here's the luggage rack on the '08 with the case NOT mounted. I choose to leave the pins mounted to the rack even when the case isn't on there. Just easier that way for me. I retain the pins by using smaller hairpin clips to keep them "sitting up" above the surface so they are ready to accept the case.

However, I've found when I throw my leg over the empty rack, the pins stick up enough to catch my pantleg once in a while. So I just cut some rubber spacers to put over the pins to help "shed" the fabric and not catch it so bad. Works well. I just transfer the rubber spacers and small hairpins to whichever KLR doesn't have the tailbox on it.

Inexpensive, easy to make, and very sturdy. Have run this setup multiple thousands of miles and it holds the case very securely and is showing no signs at all of wear. Hope this helps!
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