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Originally Posted by disston View Post
Good. You more than doubled your CCs.

Welcome to the asylum.

The earliest petcocks are not too easy to rebuild, they are the ones called Everbest. They can be worth a few $s because working ones are getting scarce. But it looks like a Karcoma petcock in the pic, can't be sure, too far away. The Karcomas are rebuildable if they only need rubber parts. Some of the other tiny pieces inside the petcock are NLA. We sometimes can come up with used parts.

A complete tool kit is going to cost some serious money and if you want the correct original tool kit the price will keep going up. There are tool kits, used, listed as "original" be careful. There are specific items that belong in the "original" tool kit.

How many miles on bike? Is there any ignition modification or addition? What else non-stock is on the bike?

Start with just changing all the fluids and tune up items. Set the valves. Replace worn or cracked rubber pieces. You will find plenty to do.
I just want the tools I need to use. Doesn't have to period correct or anything, but I'd like to know where I could get some of the specialty stuff on a decent price and throw it under the seat.

52k miles AFAIK. Not sure on the ignition, but there's two gigantic horns mounted by the downtubes and what looks like a big solenoid valve for each. Probably not good on the charging system, but I'm no expert. Being no expert, I can't say with certainty if there are other mods, but that's all I noticed. Oh, the tank badges look to be the adhesive type or something, as I didn't see screw holes. Is that right for a '72?
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