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Here are a couple of things I'm interested in for my bikes in addition to controlling aux lights and heated gear.

The first relates more to the GS-style control of power before/after a start or shutdown. I've got an old Honda CB and I'd like the headlight and anything else that isn't required for a startup to be turned on after the bike is up and running. So something like turn the key on and start or kick the bike over, then the PDU is notified that the bike is running and it turns on my headlights, tail lights, and whatever else.

I think this may be nice for those types of bikes where if your battery is shot and you need to kick start it the juice goes to both the ignition and lights etc, when you really want it to go just to getting the engine fired. The 640A and E come to mind, among others in this respect.

Another is having an idea of how much power you are using vs what your bike can reliably deliver. The PDU can keep track of what it is distributing, and compare to a number that you are comfortable with. If you get close to or cross that threshold, it can act according to your preferences. Like turn down your heated jacket a bit or whatever.

I like that this could go on completely in the background. Like when I coast up to a stop light and the bike is under an electrical load but it isn't pumping out enough juice. The pdu dials back the load temporarily and then goes back to where I had it once the light goes green.

LOTS of stuff we can do with this sort of tech.
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