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Originally Posted by mknight View Post
That made me laugh :) Due to customs issues, I'm not sure we'll be able to take any of the tires/bibs home with us. I think most guys end up selling them used at the end of the event to the locals.

The bandwidth in the hotel is so horrible, I'm going to have to try and upload pictures and an update at a different time. The entire U.S. Team is staying in the same hotel and every single person is using their phone, iPad, or laptop it seems.

Today was the final day to work on the bikes. The entire team went to administrative inspection (paperwork) this afternoon, and then to get their bikes inspected and impounded. A few of the Trophy guys failed sound check, but seemed to get it easily taken care of. Josh passed without a problem. The view of the impound is impressive......hundreds of bikes all lined up, ready to go. I will share pictures when I can.

Oh...and thank you for the comments everyone. It keeps me motivated to try and keep everyone updated when it would be easier to go to bed ;)

In that case Ill take an autographed 8x10 of josh and the 1st place trophy
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