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Biker Stories from the Road - September 21 2011

Ok you know how driving in the fog can be a little unnerving but because you are in Dryden and you know where you are going it really isn't that bad ... well try motorcycling through the fog which is accumulating on the face shield of your helmet like rain ... down a highway that you have not been on before ... scarey to say the least!

We left Sydney Montana drove through the fog but eventually drove into a beautiful sunny day. A big blue Montana sky that goes on forever! It was only 8 degrees which was pretty chilly but it got warmer. We drove down highway 200 for most of the day.

Not a well travelled highway but an absolutely beautiful highway and lots of it is newly paved. We just cruised along enjoying the scenery of rolling hills, golden fields, pastures dotted with cows and horses. I didn't realize that cows actually look up to see what is going past ... they really do ... I paid attention to it today and I wondered what they must think ... maybe it is "hmmm nice bikes", haha!

So we are cruising along and we come across these caution signs for road construction ahead ... no workers in sight but a stop light because the highway has been closed to one lane. Now we are the only ones on the highway and it is red when we get there so we stop and we wait ... Garth looks over at me and says I feel like we are in a Monty Python film ... what the hell are we waiting for we are the only ones out here! It was so funny!

We made it to Great Falls Montana which is on highway 89 but a bit north to where we want to be but it is the only place big enough to actually have some place for us to stay. Tomorrow we head south on highway 89 which goes into the mountains.

I just love the reaction we are getting from the old guys that we are meeting along the way. One old trucker approached GW with a big smile and says "she didn't trust your drivin' so she got one herself". One old guy loved our BMW's and wished us a great trip across the States. They always want to know where we are from and are surprised when we tell them. We met a man who worked up at Fort Mac way back when. He actually knew quite a bit about Canada.

We had lunch at the Hilltop Cafe in Jordan Montana today and they had a big map and push pins and all of the visitors were to put the pin where their home town is ... someone from Thunder Bay visited the Hilltop Cafe. They had the best tomato soup I have ever tasted. To this day I have not found any better. The great things about these non franchised local restaurants.

I joked about trying to find "peace and tranquility" on this road trip ... today it was very peaceful on that highway. Guess that is all for now. Stay tuned for more.

Day 3 and 4 map

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