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Biker Stories from the Road - September 22, 2011

Strawberry and Rhubarb pie for breakfast ... yes sirree it was delicious and warranted after the pitiful breakfast offering from the Super 8 we stayed at Wed night in Great Falls, MT. Bikers, including GW, are all drawn to Super 8's! Riding into the sun coming into town it seemed like everyone was turning in front of us.

Thursday's riding day brought with it a bunch of new experiences. We got out of Great Falls Montana and headed back down highway 200 to find highway 89, which is the historical King's highway, and it runs from Alberta down to Flagstaff Arizona.

GW decided to take a little detour into Belt Montana, which was quite a ride down into the Belt Valley which is surrounded by the Belt Mountains and sits along the Belt River (Americans are so creative, ha ha). Anyway that is where we found the Belt Cafe and had the delicious pie and coffee.

Highway 89 is really spectacular. We crossed over the Kings Hill pass, which was my first mountain pass experience on a motorcycle (4000 ft climb), and then rode along the Belt River. It was really nice and I have come to realize that riding at this time of year lets you escape the busy summer traffic ... there are times when we are the only ones on these highways.

We passed huge cattle ranches along the way. The "Castle Mountain Ranch - Headquarters" has an elaborate archway over their driveway. We have seen some really amazing homes as well.

So we pulled into White Sulfur Springs for lunch, 22 degrees and time to peal off another layer of clothing. I have become quite good at layering ... lots of clothes in the morning and down to shorts and t-shirt by end of day. We found a neat little restaurant and encountered a crusty old guy who was so interested in our journey. He told us that he has a Kimco 500 and he has ridden it up into Alberta.

We also talked with an older man at a gas station who asked us how we were finding the grasshoppers on the road. He said that they had an awful time with the grasshoppers this summer ... he said they even tried to eat his garden hose! So off we go ... lots of cows, horses and then in the middle of nowhere along side the highway ... a fully decorated cedar tree ... I mean sparkly garland (red, silver and blue) and little American flags all over this big cedar tree. Also had a bit of a heart stopper moment when we were following this big truck and travel trailer along some fields. The big irrigation system, you know the kind on wheels, well it was on and very close to the highway. With huge eyes I could see that the end sprinkler was aimed at the highway ... the truck and trailer hit it and water just sprayed everywhere. The air was blue under my helmet as we approached and then the sprinkler changed direction and all we rode through was a wet highway ... thank GOD!

Another highlight of the day was Trixie's Antler Saloon! It reached 29 degrees by the afternoon and that is really hot when you have all your riding gear on ... so GW spots this place, of course in the middle of nowhere, and pulled in.

Picture taken from Facebook page for Trixie's

Trixie was behind the bar and she had some of her regulars in there ... one white haired old gal sitting on her stool in the corner ... she actually greeted us as we walked in ... and then another old couple and the lady was playing the slots. We have a cold non-alcohol drink and in comes another traveller. He orders a vodka and Red Bull drink because he is driving through to Spokane Washington! Only in America!

Picture taken from Facebook page for Trixie's

So we made it to Missoula Montana, Garth was here back in 2000 when he was part of the fire team that came down that summer to help them with their huge fire situation, our bikes are scheduled for oil changes this morning. Another milestone yesterday was my bike hit 5000 k ... I have only had it 6 months.

This afternoon we will head out to Livingston Montana where we can meet up with highway 89 again and head back south. We may be camping the next few nights so will update you when I can.

Day 5 map
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