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disston and Horsehocky...thanks for the replies. It's even better that you agree that loose/bad connections may be the culprit. Now that bad connections were mentioned, the NEUTRAL and OIL lights aren't 100% either. Getting into the back of the guage cluster sounds, and looks, like quite a task in the Clymer manual. Probably plenty other reasons to go in, just to clean up everything and apply dielectric grease to all the connections. I've been doing that on everything I have had apart.

Put my new Duro tires on. Getting the back wheel/tire off turned out to be quite a deal. Ride-off stand required getting the bike up on some boards to get some added height for manuvering the wheel out, Have you ever tried to describe to your wife where you want her to put a board, which board you want her to use and which way to turn it while you're holding the bike up? She's a keeper though....for sure! Even after removing the Krauser side case rack, the removal was a squeaker. Since I only have one sidecase (still needing a white right side case in case someone has an extra for sale) I just left the rack off for now. Gave the final drive splines a good cleaning and a coat of Honda Moly grease before reassembly. I was pleased that the splines looked to be in pretty good condition. Couldn't see or feel any "step" at the endpoint of male/female engagement on either part.

If I get this intermittent light thing solved I should be about ready for some serious test rides.

Thanks again!

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