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So....... It's been a minute. I've been riding, I've been working and not only on actual financial support, but as for myself.

One thing I forgot to mention in the beginning of this thread was that I, as a young woman, was going through a lot of emotional issues at the beginning of this thread.

It took me 2 full years to push myself through a small hell.



RDV 2012........
I had never been to anything like this! Ever! Golly Gee!!! I traveled for over 10 hours on a small DR 200 to territory unknown and to only 2 people I knew for sure going to the RDV in Laural Springs, NC for the Rick's RDV that Cuttle put on. Which, btw ~ She and many others did a wonderful job and I was so happy to just be there and have since met some amazing and awesome people.

Right: so after leaving Chatt town around 2~ish and txting several friends and family members along my 10 hr-ish trip to unknown territory to myself; I made it to Laurel Springs. Just north of Boone, NC and at 1am ish.
I skipped lunch, I skipped dinner. I wanted to get there, a drive from relationships and issues that were going on, I needed to get there.

So I did. I persevered through the loneliness of the BRP and I have a gigantic fear of dark, solo, lonely, single, person roads. I came from a very colorful background of comics and sci-fi, so my imagination is incredibly great. Obviously my writing is gettin away from me.

So.... My first pics from the RDV are from the next morning. After noon-ish, b/c I had a wonderful group handing me drinks and it was a learning curve.

I started riding with a guy from Asheville (DRZ 400) and another from Latin America on an older BMW Dakar.
We actually looped in with a local crowd from Boone.

Getting us to the top of this mountain:

Yes, in that 2nd pic. The Dakar guy was having issues. His drive shaft had a slight mishap. He couldn't drive. At all :(
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