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Right, I meant this house;

Last pic from the top

Then on the way back down, the Dakar dude and all the guys were super awesome in trying to get the Dakar as far down as they could (a small cabin that was a mile-ish from where his shaft broke) & no, I did not help in breaking his shaft

The guy on the ground here, above, was super awesome! He's the guy who owns a bike shop in Boone, NC. He came to my rescue while I was riding back with Alan to Asheville on a Sunday! Super Cool!

Unfortunately, Alan and I left the Dakar guy. :/ He waited for backup to come get him, and I had not ridden behind a dude so fast, in so long. OMG! Alan seriously like, sped. I'm prolly what most ppl call "pokey," but I also wanted to keep up.

And I amazed myself. I seriously, surprised myself in a good way. I enjoyed every speed and tummy-turning moment, Golly Gee! We eventually did make it back to the RDV and there was some dinner left for us.

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