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So after many Shenanigans and drinking and such....
The next morning I wake to witness the beautiful Cuttle at her best with her vintage bike

Then I help out, putting away things for ppl and such stuff. I wait to ride with the DRZ towards Asheville, as I don't normally ride with anyone. But, as we are literally the last ppl to leave, I get a flat.............

So we try to figure something out for the next 30 or so minutes.....
Then a certain Honda Goldwing rolls into the camp space............. Fido ?????

Lo and behold! A man who lives not very far from myself in my hometown, as well, I even work in his local neighhborhood! DRZ (Alan) spots this man b/c of a BMW shirt he happens to be wearing..........

and so proceeds to provide an air pump for both DRZ's and mine tubes for my front 21 inch. So glad Phideaux happened to be rolling thru!

Only to find out that while in Boone, our patches did not hold. So again.... After a spontaneous fix for a jack (a concrete curb) and I was again indebted to DRZ guy, who happened to keep the local we ran into from Saturday (who owned the shop in Boone). The shop guy was super awesome, coming to my rescue in providing not only a brand new tube, but an air pump as well & gauge.

Before Alan (DRZ guy) left to meet Boone local bike ship owner, a man came round asking if we were ok. After consoling him and his wife some 15/20 minutes later, they showed back up and provided us with a fast food dinner! I couldn't have ever in my wildest dreams, imagined such nice people. It was awesome! and I was really touched they had randomly done such a thing.

Finally, I caved in and stayed overnight in Asheville after everything and my debacles... I needed to not stress over a 4 hour trip back home in the dark.
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