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So heading to Erwin, TN. We road past the AT Hostel that is located just slightly, out of town. There is a dirt/gravel road that ascends to the top of the mountain and we had found a cool camp spot and pitched our tent there for the night.

He riding a Tiger, I hopped on the back and we rode to the top of the mountain

A small trail across from the parking lot led to an overgrown picnic area, where evidence of a fire tower remained.

Mtn Laurel, which I love native plants

Then dude, gets to the edge of the concrete from prior days popularity. He starts to hear some noise, assumes it belongs to a cricket.

Oh no............... no such cricket.........................

A long and beautiful and might I add; graciously calm rattlesnake atop the mtn

He had heard it prior to seeing it.
Douche totally kept getting closer and I kept thinking, "Can I really ride that Tiger down the mtn with someone on the back with a snake bite?"
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