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That's it Redbud! Fontana! Someone kept telling me I was wrong, but I wasn't for sure.
I live at the foot of Raccoon Mtn in Chatt and I remember going inside the mountain before 9-11 and it sure was neat. I bet Fontana would be pretty cool. It's one of the deepest lakes isn't it?

The creek crossing here, I turned around and went back up, I didn't feel too confident crossing without support

This hill wasn't that steep either or muddy;

One of many trails in Prentice Cooper;

This photo, I really like. It is from the very end of the road atop Suck Creek Mtn before they close for Turkey Repopulation/Hunting or whatever;

Puddle for variation of terrain;

The mountain in the background here is Elder Mountain, in which I live at the foot of. As the crow flies it would it be less than 10 minutes to get to my spot here; but driving-wise, more than 30 minutes;

Lots of down trees when I went up there. Actually, there was a group ride that Saturday, I was a few hours behind them, but I do remember them posting up some pics, as well as seeing some of their tracks in the mud

Did I mention; there was lots and lots of mud?

So the next day, guess who got their ears scrubbed?

Oh yes, i am fully prepared with NikWax
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