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Much appreciated, disston. That's the stuff I'm looking for, the bike-specific tools that make the job easier. There's still a chance the kit is on there, I didn't check. I might go have another look at it next week or wait until I bring it home.

I was considering getting the OEM, Clymer, and the Haynes as it seems they're always missing something, but it looks like those prices are ridiculous and I'm not that helpless. By good luck I've never had to tear into a gearbox but I'm not opposed to it. I've done plenty of engine maintenance and top end work though, so I don't think anything will blow my mind. Would you still say the BMW manual is too complicated or should I have it? Is the owner's manual necessary as well?

Mostly I'm worried about getting into something I desperately need to fix and then not having the tools or parts to complete the job. Obviously I don't know what "jobs" I'll end up having to do, but the feeler gauges and special spanners look like a good start. I suppose a syncing gauge would be handy to have around as well, considering the fuel system work I'm looking at?

My weak point is definitely electrical stuff, so still a little nervous about undoing the fairing wiring and/or throwing new wiring in there. Any advice in that arena is greatly appreciated.

Hopefully somebody can read this thread in a few months and see a nice little transformation.
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