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If you want more than one manual get the Haynes and the Clymer. The OEM is not too complicated, it's just not really needed with the other two and the internet. The OEM does have more torque values an explanations about what pistons and which cylinders are made, 30 years ago. I'm not against people getting this, I have one myself. but you can get the OEM manual next year or the year after. And they do show up on Ebay and at Flea markets. October Fest is almost here.

The owners manual is nice for a lot of basic info. I have one somewhere. There may be one on the bike. These are often with the bike.

Good, you may have a tool kit. I did learn tonight a bit about posting pictures tho.

There is a simple method to sync the carbs that doesn't use an expensive tool. You may want to get one of the expensive tools but you don't need it now. I'll describe how to make the shorting tool and explain a little about it's use, but later I'm about to turn in, big day tomorrow.

We do a lot of transmission stuff on these bikes. And then after all the bother and sweat and money, more tools, we end up with something that shifts like a John Deere. There will be transmission work in your future or you will send it out, the option that really is best for most riders. But if you are one of those that are driven, or think you can handle it or want the experience then we can help a little. The one thing you don't want to tell yourself is that you want to rebuild a transmission to save yourself money. Not very likely that anybody ever saves any money doing the first two or three transmissions. And the guys that have done a few hundred of them, there are a few, they know stuff we can't learn, they will do a better job than any part timer. Just the way it is. But some of us just want to do our own, that's me, and we are allowed.

When's the bike get to you? Does it run? Any known problems? Mileage?

BTW, I've been meaning to tell you. I think you might have something of a rarity in that fairing. Would like to see more pictures of that set up.
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