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A GPS? Huh?
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I just read through the thread again and have a couple thoughts. The first is to buy a Greyhound bus ticket for crazydrummerdude to come to your place. A four hour tech session with the dudemeister would be equivalent to about 200 postings here. Maybe more. I now realize that you've replaced the starter relay. Excellent. That makes me think your unreliable gen lamp is either the pins in the plug (discussed above) or corrosion on the connections on your diode board (located under the front cover). An alternative source of this issue is your brushes, as the esteemed Disston has suggested (and yes, Disston, I've forgiven you for referring to me as "Horehockey" in your post). With regard to your brushes, do we know how many miles are on your bike? Brushes are said by at least one guru to have a life of approximately 80K miles. Then they get too stubby and start to "hang up" on their little pigtails on the brushholders. Any chance you could post a picture of your brushes in their little nests?
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