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Originally Posted by wortho View Post
I'm 5'11 with a 34" inseam. Anyone know if an F700GS with standard height would be ok or a bit low for me? I'm also planning to order with the BMW comfort seat if I decide on this model.
Skip the BMW "comfort" seat that should have come with the bike to begin with. Buy a $99 Airhawk instead, small cruiser size. The BMW comfort seat will limit your movement, you are locked in to one position due to the lip on the back of the riders part of the seat. Spend the money you save on either a headlight protector and oil filter/heat exchanger protector, and a front suspension upgrade. The front suspension is pretty much the same as the single cylinder models from 2001 or so. Giving BMW $400 bucks or more for the seat that should have come with the bike in the first place is what they want you to do. Besides, there are better aftermarket seats out there if you really feel the need for a complete seat and not just the Airhawk. If you have never tried an Airhawk, you will be really surprised. In a good way.
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