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Hello Everyone, Sorry about the lack of updates but I have been traveling. Here is where I am with this guy.
On September 16th, someone named "Daniela" told em that they will be sending a refund. I asked them when and of course received no answer.
I emailed agian on the 17th and 18th again asking when I could expect to see the refund, again, no answer.
On the 19th, I worte:

Please be aware that I will be contacting the local Romanian police to file a formal complaint on Friday and will be visting the Romainian embassy in Washington DC when I return home. I have several Romanian members of Advrider who have agreed to help me file the police report. I am very concerned as it seems that there is a history of fraud.

If I receive a refund, I will go away. If I do not. I will cost you much more than 943 euros.
Now I hate sending emails like this but I have learned over the past 7 months that begging, pleading, trying to appeal to their humanity is worthless. The only time they respond is when I threaten. Here is the response I received.


Within 7 days your payment will be made by
Not in any way influence your decision
How do you make your
I have never cheated anyone and all orders or executed later or earlier
but all are honored
The situation was difficult because they had parts manufature and made molds
That took some time
Regarding the decision will apartine.In article has nothing to do
deva if she was arrested and convicted for something
In 7 days the payment is made to you
So I am not holding my breath but we will see.

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