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Originally Posted by Jon_PDX View Post
If it was just the two switches I would be ok with that. It's the third one,on the right side, to cancel the signals that messes with me. If they had done it the way Harley does it (tap the switch again to cancel) that would be a lot easier to deal with.

I wonder why BMW is having an issue with the switches? Have they given you a reason for the failures?

Either way, if BMW is having issues with them then I'll live with the strange location for the cancel button or just put one on the left side and use it.

You know BMW - they never give a reason.

My guess is that they've made the switches so small to fit in the cluster that they've become fragile. Both the K's and now the RT's have had problems. My buddy's K went thru 4 switch clusters before he finally dumped it (for a different reason). He bought an RT and was disappointed it came with the same cluster. It's also on the 1600's. Those bikes have extra switches in that cluster for the windshield and ASC on the K, RT, and K1600 so they may be smaller, but they look the same to me.

Why not just let the auto-cancel take care of it. The signals stay on a few seconds longer but ........... I do that about 1/2 the time because by the time I've made the turn and cycled a couple gears, the auto-cancel has turned it off anyway.
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