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CDD...At worst, maybe we could meet up in So County for lunch or dinner when you're back in MO.

I had some time today and carefully disassembled, cleaned, dielectric greased and reassambled and have the cluster indicator bulbs at 100% now. Not in a good way. None of the lights come on, 100% of the time. Could the film strength of the dielectric grease be high enough to actually hold the parts from making contact? With my no-so-good-anymore 60 year old eyes I'll be darned if I could see the split in the female portion of the plug-in connection. I'll use a magnifying glass first for a better look, but if they're complete, round tubes I suppose they could be "ovaled" just the tiniest bit. I took the cover off the back of the cluster too, to access the bulbs and clean the contact points on the bulb holders. Yes, I was really careful with the thinnner-than-paper circuit board "tails" that the bulb-holder tangs make contact with on the circuit board. I had it all apart 2 times, the 2nd time cleaning off the dielectric grease. Still nothing lights up.

When I get back from our trip, I'll give it another go, and use some contact cleaner on a Q-tip. That couldn't hurt anything if I'm careful, could it? I think, while everything will be apart, I'll also check the bulbs even though the filament on all three bulbs in question look to be intact.

As I read somewhere, "we do it nice, because we do it twice". Well, that seems to apply to me, because too often things do get done multiple times! I'm glad I'm relatively patient and have the vision for the final product to be enjoyed in the end! The carrot on the end of the stick, so to speak.

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