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Hey people

Bit of an update! We were supposed to head out to KTM Basel this week to have our bikes kitted but thereís been some minor delays with some parts so weíre hanging fire until next week! Eeee excited! We posted an update on the other thread in advrider (linky here) so do pop along there to see the pics of the bikes but for a sneaky view, here's one:


We both have had a pretty awesome couple of weeks! We popped off roading with some friends in North Wales and my good grief it was a giggle! I managed to hug a tree several times (some hilarious footage to come) and also had a fight with some big rocks! Fortunately this was at the end of the day and I came away laughing but with a rather swollen hand which made me sound like I had tourettes due to the colourful words which would spontaneously spill out of my mouth when changing gear on the way home!


Empty my boots of a river...

The result of a fight with a rock!

Due to an injury as a kid I have no sensation in my thumb so just to double check all was well we did pop to the hospital to have it checked over and they said it was potentially a fractured scaphoid!! BOO HISS! Iíve since been back though for another xray and WOOHOO, they discharged me plasterless! A couple of weeks and Iíll be back on the bike fine!

Iíve been swotting up some more on visas and what... especially since all the commotion in Libya, Tunisia, Egypt and Sudan. Weíre keeping a close eye on it all and playing it by ear... rumour has it though itís all calming a fair bit! Fingers crossed eh!

Also been learning how to change tyres... ahoy noobiness!

Other than that, all is mega!

Thanks again for all your support and follows, not too long now til weíre off! Wheee!
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