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I thought through the process of tightening up the female terminals, without runing them, while I was driving to dinner with my wife this evening, yet focusing on our conversation. How's that for multi tasking? She never suspected I was working on the motorcycle while we were having an engaging conversation

Here's what I came up with to avoid a slip which could ruin the female terminals. I'll just find a wire, nail or whatever that has a slightly smaller diameter than the male plug post and, using a needlenose pliers, pinch them to the "die", inserted into the female terminal while pinching them, to ever so slightly oval shape them without running the risk of crushing them. Not too bad for an industrious bumpkin...conversing and thinking at the same time. Now...if I could just master walking and chewing bubblegum at the same time..........

I also thought while I have things apart that I'd do some checking with a miltimeter for continuity, ground and power at the various plug terminals. After a quick look at the wiring diagram in the manual, I thought that the "common" between them all is a 12V power to the lights, with the grounds being acomplished at the various sending units (oil sending unit and neutral switch), or cancled by a working charging system? I might have looked at it wrong though.

Thanks again.

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