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Into Mexico

I crossed the border in Brownsville at 9:30 AM, paid for 180 day visa ($25), temporary vehicle import pass ($400 refunded when I exit Mexico), insurance for 180 days ($100)…hour later I was on the road to Ciudad Victoria. It was about a 250 mile ride, mostly farm land until you reach the mountains. The city is located at the base of a mountain range, and is more modern than I anticipated. Made it into town around 2:00 PM, and started my hotel search, stopped at first hotel and they wanted $85…not in my budget. The expensive hotel recommended another hotel within my budget, clean but no AC for $22…jackpot! Checked in and unloaded the bike, then started a search for food, walked a couple of blocks found a Panda Express with internet access. Only one guy could speak English, his name was Carlos the cook. Carlos and I conversed for about an hour, and he told me his story, he use to live in Durham, NC, until he started to sell crack. He got locked up for 2.5 years, and then he was deported. Carlos is a good guy who made some bad decisions, and now has since changed his ways, he now has a wife and kid and is doing well for himself. I am glad I met Carlos, and learned his story, I wish him well.

Decided to leave Ciudad Victoria the next morning and head to the beaches of Tampico, about a 250 mile ride east, headed toward the gulf coast. It was another great day to ride, but the temperature started to rise, and became uncomfortable every time I had to stop. Arrived around 2:00 PM, and got lost trying to find the beach, I ended up driving around the city for an hour. I stopped in a small shopping, and ran into a teenage girl, who spoke some English, and she and her friends offered to guide me to the beach…that was really nice…I will most definitely pay that forward! I found the beach area and checked into my hotel…I will have more updates on Tampico tomorrow.

My TVIP...I can now legally roam Mexico!

Scenery on way to Ciudad Victoria

Scenery on way to Ciudad Victoria

My $22.00 Hotel

My $22.00 Room

This is the night shift guy at the hotel, who says he will keep an eye on my bike...hilarious!

Kid selling candies in front of the autozone

Me and Carlos
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