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Day 6 Sept 22 537 kms Grangeville ID to Twin Falls ID

The smoke in Grangeville was even thicker this morning.

I ate my complimentary cereal and toast and headed south in the smoke. About 20 miles south of town I went past the helicopter and fire crew camps set up on the side of the road. The smoke was even thicker, and it was hard to see oncoming cars, even the ones with their headlights on (can you believe there were a lot of vehicle WITHOUT headlights on in the smoke)

I stopped at a viewpoint, and I can only take their word for it there was a view.

As I got further south, the smoke lessened, traffic picked up, the sun was able to get a bit of heat through the smoke and it turned into a pretty OK day for riding. Not clear of smoke, but not sickenly thick.

Hwy 95 south of Grangeville is an awesome road. Lots of twisting and turning. Up mountains, down mountains, through valleys, then back up a mountain.

At New Meadows, I turned onto hwy 55, and went up, and up, and up to a little resort town of McColl. I thought the town looked pretty cool, so I stopped for a picture, and ended up staying quite a while.

It was a quiet little resort town, and everyone was wandering around, not in a rush. I have been feeling pretty relaxed on this trip, but just being in McColl made me feel even more so.

They had a pretty cool idea for crosswalks there, one that I had never seen before. At every intersection down town, there was a rack of red flags on sticks, and pedestrians could take a flag, cross the street holding the flag up for traffic to see, the deposit the flag in a rack on the other side of the street. (It took me a bit to figure out what the flags were for J )

I headed down hwy 55, the road winding along the river in places.

I rode into Boise, and had a look around for a bit. I wanted to find an auto parts store and a camping place. Finding Cabelas was a bit tricky with just my iPhone maps, but finding my way out of town was pretty easy, as Cabelas was right next to the freeway (wish I had known that coming IN to town)

Out of Boise I hit my first bit of actual freeway on the trip so far (boooring)

The speed limit is 75 mph on the freeway, but I kept to a sedate 65, not wanting to over tax the old bike for too long. I am not used to being on the freeway and having everybody passing me (75 is the speed limit. Most everybody was doing WAY over that)

I stopped at a little one horse town for gas.

I got talking to an older guy about bikes. He was pretty interested in my bike, and had a 05 Fat Boy at home.

I rode into Twin Falls, hoping to get there before 6 so I could buy a headlight at the Harley shop (mine burnt out. I knew that automotive headlights would shake apart in an old shovel when I installed it, but I installed it anyway) I got to town just before 6, but couldn’t find the Harley shop until just after closing. Crap.

I got a room at a Motel 6, and they directed me to the motorcycle parking right outside my room

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