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Originally Posted by roadtrip22 View Post
So my time has come to remove the FD for repair. The pinion seal is leaking and since I don't have a way to get the whole bike to the shop I've decided to remove the FD and bring it in. Anyways I got everything apart but that big main bolt that bolts the FD to the swing arm is kicking my ass. So from what I could find there is BMW's fancy lock tight on the bolt. I took a heat gun to it and tried but it doesn't seem to want to budge. Am I missing something? Does it have to be really really hot? or is this a 2 person job? one to heat while the other unbolts or heat it and use a impact gun? Are these reverse thread? I don't wanna strip anything out. Any advice would be great help on how to get this damn bolt out.. untill then I'm headed to the store for more beer.. thanks..

I got to ask.

If you are good enough to remove the FD from the bike, why don't you just replace the seal yourself?

Am I missing something?
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