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Several days here now. I must have pleased the Gods somehow because when I was up in Cape Breton I got an email from my best friend who said he was in Halifax on business. Turns out he was asked to stay for a month on business to do with the cruise ships. Also turns out he was holed up in the Westin Nova Scotia with an extra bed.
We met that day after he finished work and just before it started to rain.

Impending weather
I got settled into tthe rain and have been waiting out the deluge that only got worse and worse.

But now with what looks to be a break coming I am set to carry on tomorrow over to the Digby ferry and on to New Brunswick and Maine.
This was this mornings' weather pic.

And this is one of the boats coming in that Peter's company deals with.

Yesterday was quite a little jaunt in the car to find an old and long lost friend from 30 years ago.
Paul is a leather worker who settled out here in the middle of nowhere (which has always been just fine with him) to enjoy life and ply his trade.

He'd be the elder of us on the right and still maintains the same character and wit that we knew so many years ago. A good friend. And, as for Peter? Still my rock solid friend and always will be.
Just noon here now and Godalmighty, if the sun hasn't peeked out. And a good 23 degrees C. at that. Let's hope it's a trend.
I once was lost but now I' wait, I'm still lost.
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