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Best of luck with it. I hope it does not turn out to be an oil burner, but it seems most of the '08s were. I have avoided them for that reason. I don't want to buy a bike and immediately have to put a new top end on it. It is tempting though, most of the '08s on Craigslist are cheaper than the earlier models. Seems Kawasaki built an almost entirely new bike, but did not fix the doohickey issue, or the frame bolt issue, which they HAD to have known about, and then added top end problems to go along with them. Being an auto mechanic and a tinkerer, I may just go ahead and do it though. How many miles does yours have?

I have always gone cheap with bikes. The most expensive bike I have ever bought was a brand new '02 Vulcan 750 cruiser, for $6499. My '95 Goldwing was given to me, but I did put a LOT of work and almost $3000 into it. I have an XT225 that I built out of 3 XT225s, plus some aftermarket parts, and a few new oem parts. Runs/rides like new, and I have a lot of spare parts.
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