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Why go with AltRider?
Touratech is less with the same quality

Touratech Touratech Crash Bars $264.70
Touratech Quick Release Stainless Steel Headlight Guard $122.60
Touratech Radiator guard $136.40
Touratech Skid Plate $125.20

Altrider Crash Bars $357.67
Altrider Lexan Headlight Guard $158.52
Altrider Radiator Guard $153.69
Altrider Skid Plate $289.37

Originally Posted by PatrickM View Post
Here's my list: AltRider crash bars, MOD skid plate, MOD top rack, Touratech pannier rack, Touratech side stand plate.

I don't follow anyone (close) on dirt so not too worried about the radiator (and the plastic guard on it now look fine and I'm wondering how the aluminum ones will attach).

The windshield works fine for me, as does the stock seat.

The only thing that's a question mark are the Highway Dirt Bike hand guards - they don't fit the current bar ends we have so Paul is doing a one-off to see if he can make a set to work with the 2013 F700/F800GS (it's in the mail, got the confirmation).

Once I burn through the Anakees (which really shouldn't be long, ~2,000 miles right now) I'm going with some K60's because I do a lot of miles which include highway and twisties.

Oh yeah, pivot pegz.
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