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OK gonna cheat a leeetle....

OK gonna cheat here and put in a short interlude of the time spent with Feike and Phillbilly over the last two days! Feike had called me yesterday and said he was in the middle of his four corners tour, and I was invited up to his buddy Phil's place on the Isle of pine. It was gooood... we partied till late into the night and I realized we are cut from the same quilt soo to speak. Phil is a riot and Feike a damned mekanik' aaand Chef boy ardiiiie'

Sunrise on the Lake...

The bridge to Phils place... been in the family over a Hundred years.

Next morning Feike decides to make us Pancakes! WoooHooo no shit really... warm syrup and all, I think he's a fricken chef or someth'n.

Smil'n Phil...

Feike sport'n his Roadcrafter as we load up...

Phil in some cooler weather Snomobile duds I'm very familiar with... it was about 34F

Gotta add these guys RIDE... no pussyfoot'n around here... I like it!^)-

We split up on the way there since I decided to do a last minute oil change... Desiree' was talk'n to me, and I wanted to check out a couple trailers. I met up with them again just near sundown at a cool motel with a CUTE owner who I didn't get a pic of.. I know ASSHOLE!

A close up for ya'all...

We make our way to the Warf to see our most Easterly sunset uh huh...

Then its more PuffPuffPass and BSing into the night... before ya know it it's Bfast time and another Puuurrrty girl to flirt with. At least Phil was flirt'n LOL.
Lidia from Bulgaria... oooooh boy I think I could spend time with this giiiirrl lotsa time!!!!!

Then it's time for them to quickass beat it South and me to get North bad weather coming... gonna miss you fukkers!

I'm headed over to the Rock in the Morning from here in Cape Breton, think I'm goona ride the ol' rail trail thru the interior... sooo if anyone from here is over there and wants to chill or ride, drop a line here.

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