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Originally Posted by biodieselandon View Post
What about exhaust? I really like the Remus Hexacore and obvoiusly the Akrapovic is popular. And as far as tuning goes... Are the 800s able to compensate for aftermarket exhaust without any modifications? Seems like they run a little bit rich (mine does anyway) so if the exhaust leaned it out a bit it should be ok.
My 2010 doesn't seem to be rich. I've had it from 500' to 12000' and haven't noticed a mixture problem.

The gearing is tall for trail riding. I've been getting used to it, but along with the sensitive throttle make it behave like a R1200GS. The fix should be easy with a 15 tooth sprocket. The one I bought from TT had splines that weren't machined out enough and wouldn't slide on. Maybe try a Renthal 15T.

I have the TT desierto screen and like the adjust-ability. I have the TT big fuel tank too. I don't know if this bike really needs it. I have a solid 400 mile range though.
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