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So we prepared. And we waited. The days ticked by until finally it was time to go. We drove down from throughout the Puget Sound and finally would meet up in Denio Junction.

On the way down, we stopped up above Frenchglen for a quick break. This is probably all burned up now.

We unloaded our bikes and prepared them for the first part of ride that would start in the morning. We were headed to Jarbidge!

June 16, 2012

Day 1

Here is the first day’s route.

And here are the bikes lined up and ready to go.

So we headed out on the highway and I take the first turn and start heading up Wilder Road. After I got past the houses, I turned around and saw no one was behind me. I stopped and waited a minute. No one came. I turned around and headed back. I saw everyone around Kramsetac’s Husky. It was dead. Already! I could see Denio Junction from where we were. WTF!!??

After a few minutes of troubleshooting we figured out that no fuel was leaving the Husky’s full fuel tank for the carburetor. When we loosened the gas cap then the fuel started flowing. We originally thought the issue was caused by the vent hose being pinched over by the tank bag but later found out it was due to the gas tank vent on the tank being plugged and the gas cap not having the vent drilled thru it. The problem did reappear a few times before we sorted it out totally that evening.

Off we go again! Hopefully we would all get off the pavement this time!

We did and stopped to enjoy the view.

Before making it down to King’s River Valley, we stopped at this cabin.

We traveled up Basco Canyon and then thru the desert toward the Zimmerman Ranch. I spent some time talking to the ranch owner who mentioned the ranch is for sale for $15 million. It is some beautiful country if you have the money to spare.

After the Zimmerman Ranch, it was mostly just easy dirt roads and some pavement to McDermitt where we fueled up and had some lunch at the Say When Casino. I had a bit of trouble finding our way back onto the route out of McDermitt. It always seems like the biggest problem with gates and closed roads is when we were close to towns. The road we were looking for was right next to the BLM Fire Station and took us up into an area called Devil’s Gate. It was a long mostly straight route thru some very remote and unpopulated landscape until we made it to the Oregon / Nevada border.

Opening the border gate.

Here is a shot of my bike setup at the border.

Soon we were to 3 Corners (where Nevada, Oregon, and Idaho all share a corner). Here we messed around a bit and found a geocache and Dr. Dan tried to spray hot beer on Duckspanker and I.

We were not far from the Star Ranch where there was the first water crossing that I was concerned about. It turned out to be dry but it was pretty rough going thru even dry.

There is a pretty steep rocky and rough grade climbing up from Star Ranch and it claimed a victim.

Regrouping at the top.

The route to the pipeline crossing was pretty remote and faint.

We made it to the Pipeline Crossing without any issues. Here is a view of where the pipeline crosses the river. I don’t have any pictures of the actual crossing but I am sure some will pop up here soon. The water was hardly moving but not deep at all.

Consulting the map near Josephine Lake on the way to Owyhee.

The route got a bit rocky, or maybe it was that we were all getting tired. We decided to try to find a good spot to camp. I had seen some roads heading up into the mountains south of Owyhee that I thought might hold a nice camp spot so we headed that direction. The road we took up into the hills had a sign stating that it crossed Petan Ranch property. I had spoken to the Petan Ranch manager before we left and knew he was not especially fond of people trespassing on his private ranch lands.

It was rough and we were all getting very tired.

I stopped where I thought we were past the Petan property but Duckspanker reminded me that we still had not gone far enough yet. Here was the sunset from that spot.

Our camp spot for the night. Time to get things set up. This was my first day with my new Giant Loop holding my camping gear and I really liked it.

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