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Day 7 Sept 23 571 kms Twin Falls ID to Salt Lake City UT

This morning I did my normal “check the bike over thing” and pulled the headlight to make sure I was getting power. I figured it was probably the light, but both high and low beam went at the same time, so I wanted to make sure. There were quite a few travellers wandering around wanting to chat about the bike while I was trying to check things out. One couple wandered by, him with a grey pony tail and her, an older hottie, and he says “Nice shovel. You don’t see many of those on the road anymore.” And I says “probably because you have to wrench them every morning.” And smile. And SHE says, “I know what you mean, I ride a Panhead.” And wanders away. Cool!

I stop at the first autoparts store I find, install a headlight (another automotive one) and away I go.

I head south and stop at the tourist info booth in Jackpot, NV. It’s almost 10:30 and the sign says open Sundays at 10:30. So I wait till about 10:35, no one shows up, so I head out. About 5 miles South of town there is a sign stating you are now back in Pacific time. Hmmmm. Maybe Jackpot is on Pacific time as well, and it was only 9:30 at info booth……

Info booth parking lot

When I got to Wells, I stopped for a bite to eat. I wasn’t sure what time it was, but it turns out it was NOW 10:30, so I had to order lunch. J

I headed East on the freeway, and went up and up and up.

I rode into Utah, and stopped here for a bit

I rode towards the speedway, and I followed a 2 lane blacktop road for a few miles along the salt, then the road just……. stopped. There were a bunch of cars and people hanging around, and a few cars out on the salt. I stopped, looked around, and figured, well, I am not just going to sit here on the blacktop……

I rode a couple miles out onto the sand. It was kind of eerie riding out there. I only got up to about 60 miles an hour, but the sand was so flat and so smooth, with no reference objects, you really couldn’t get a sense of how fast you were going.

NOT the world’s fastest Shovelhead

There were a few wet patches, and my bike got covered with salt.

As I came back to the parking area, lots of people were taking pictures of the idiot who took his old Harley out on the salt J

At the gas station, I asked for directions to a car wash. They must have had lots of people asking, cause he gave very good directions on how to get there.

When I ran out of quarters for the car wash, I headed towards Salt Lake City. As I got closer, I realised I didn’t have a plan as to where I was going. I knew I wanted to head South from there, but hadn’t looked at where I was going to go or what roads went South.

I figured I would find wifi or a map somewhere along the line. I saw a sign stating an exit for a Love’s travel center, and I figured they would have Wifi, or a map, or both. I was riding along, thinking about Love’s travel center, and how it got the name, and how, in Spanish it would be pronounced Low-vays and, crap, what exit was that again? Well, there should be another sign, right?

So now I am onto a bigassed freeway, 6 lanes going each direction, and no sign telling me where to go. Well, it’s Sunday, and the traffic is light. I’ll just ride through town and there will be somewhere on the other side. I see a sign that says “Las Vegas” “South” and, while I don’t want to go to Vegas, I want to go South, so away I go.

Well, Crap, the traffic gets heavy, everyone is travelling 75 miles per hour, people are weaving in and out. There are on ramps and off ramps and round and round ramps, with signs going here and signs going there. I follow the mayhem for a while, spot an off ramp offering gas stations, so I pull off, find the gas station, ask for maps. He’s out of maps, but “where did you want to go, maybe I can help”, he says. “Well”, I tell him, "that’s why I wanted the map, so I can figure out where I want to go.” He asks me if I want to go to Colorado, so I says, “sure” so he tells me where to go and where to turn and it’s a great road through the mountains…… perfect!

Back into the chaos I go for a few miles, and I spot a cheap motel. I pull off, get a room, then run down to a car wash to give the bike a REAL good cleansing to get rid of any residual salt.

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