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Originally Posted by ilyaon View Post
Why go with AltRider?
Touratech is less with the same quality

Touratech Touratech Crash Bars $264.70
Altrider Crash Bars $357.67
I only went with the AltRider crash bars. I'm not a fan of any particular manufacturer unless that manufacturer has the best product, or at least best bang for the buck. I'll wait 6 months for a Shrockworks bumper for my 4Runner, and won't complain over $90 if it does a better job.

The Touratech crash bars look like they're hung by simple tabs compared to the AltRiders which actually insert into the frame and are mounted with the same screws. I also liked the design of the connector between the two halves (aluminum insert) of the AltRider versus exposed tabs of the Touratech. The AltRider protects the fairing in the advent of a lay down versus another $110 for the same protection from Touratech (extensions)

AltRider, on a bike.

And check out how the AltRider mount to the frame, they actually insert into the frame itself, at all mount points, to help create a very secure mount. I couldn't quite tell if the Touratech mounts were as solid.

Here's the Touratech ones. Look close at the mount tabs where they mount to the frame. The yellow arrow is showing the upper extension which is another $109.

For me, the AltRider ones appeared superior. Second on my list would have been to do a bit more looking into the SW Motech ones.

Originally Posted by marsrover View Post
MOD do a nice side stand plate too;

Headlight protector?
That MOD side stand plate is not bad! The Touratech ones were in stock at Sierra BMW when I had my bike first serviced, so went with them. The Touratech was cheaper than others (Ilium, AltRider, etc.) and was in stock. If MOD was a stocked item at Sierra BMW and cost about the same, I would have checked out the design a bit closer (as I've lost side stand plates before...)

$100 for the BMW headlight protector. It's a lot like the headlight guard that Touratech had for my Sertao. Easy to remove and works well. Plus there's no question about fit. The main detractor is the "offroad use only" sticker on it. When I was looking, nothing came close in price (for a piece of plastic and a couple of bracket mounts). I played with an AltRider one at San Jose BMW and had a hard enough time putting it back together so said no.
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