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1000km Lap of Tasmania in a Day

Since I got back on the road last year I've been toying with the idea of doing a 1000km (625 mile) lap of Tasmania in a day considering the new Tenere had Metzeler Tourances on it (road tyres basically), I figured I better do it now before I put the offroad tyres on...

I had only ridden the bike 10km at this stage so I figured after this 1000km I would either love it or hate it....

To try and settle the bar vibrations I wrapped a 200gram strip of lead around the Bark-Busters on the end of each bar, And I roughly mounted a bit of MDF on the bars to mount my iPhone on and to try and disrupt the airflow from around the tank to try and settle the wind buffeting:

The plan was to head off around 4am, head up the twisty west coast, across the top, and down the east coast, getting home by dark...

The route:

Departed at 4:12am

(the clock is an hour fast, it's on daylight savings time)

Riding out west in the dark was a bad move... I expected to see quite a few animals, I didn't expect the huge numbers I ended up seeing... It was damn scary! Never again! ... I ended up hitting 3 small wallabies, 2 straight under both wheels, 1 seemed to run into the front wheel then bounce off my boot/leg... Thankfully I managed to dodge all the big ones...

Had to deal with a little frost also:

First stop was about 7:30am, 240km in, at the old Iron Blow mine near Queenstown:

Next stop was at 9:30am, 400km, at Highclere near Burnie for fuel:

Then at 11:45, 554km, at the Batman Bridge for a quick bite to eat:

Then I had a quick piss-stop at 2:00pm, 740km, up between Weldborough and St Helens, where I ran into the son of inmate "IVA BIGGIN" on his beast of a BMW:

A quick fuel stop in St Helens.

Then at 4pm, 875km, coming down the east coast, I HAD to have a break, I was starting to get tired and a bit sore, I chugged down a Redbull and had a couple of ibuprofens which helped immensely

Arrived home at 5:50pm after 13.5 hours of riding, with 1030km on the clock... Mission accomplished

It turned out to be a lot easier than I expected... (I was prepared to stop at a motel for the night if it was too much)...

The Tenere purred along perfectly, I LOVE it... The seat was better than expected, it was slightly uncomfortable after a few hours, but I never really got sore.... The lead weights on the bars killed almost all the vibrations, and with earphones in playing music the wind buffeting didn't bother me too much...

For 1020km (filled up 10km from home) I used 51L of fuel... which works out to just under 20 KM/L... Less than expected, but I had given it a fair hammering around all the twisty stuff...

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