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What does that mean?
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Drear Vermin,

Many have been ruminatin' here for two years waitin' fer yer former car parts designin' Cack ridin' truck drivin' family rearin' Sweet Thang makin' happy, lazy-ish buttowski to get it in gear and get loadin' up yer story tellin' pen (keyboard?) put us out of our misery! I only found these a few weeks ago let me tell you, the productivity eminatin' from this little soft walled cube has dwindled precipitously since my first encounter with the story of Cack. Without knowin if she made it through Mexico or if yer anti-decapitation turtle-neck J. Crew sweater malfunctioned resiltin' in drug lords taking over Cack is makin me bite my nails so short I cant even open mah beer cans! Keep us bein informin ifins you ever get ter decidin if ye are gonne finish this con-flagred report!


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