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Originally Posted by biodieselandon View Post
I figure eventually I will get a set of Excel wheels and have a different sprocket on the wheel so I can change between the wheels depending on what type of riding I am doing.

I really like the look of the desierto fairing and I will get that as soon as it comes out for the 2013 model (if it's any different).

The larger gas tank would be nice but can you use crash bars with it installed?

Also I read a lot of complaints about the suspension and how there is nothing you can really do about it. It seems pretty good to me, a little on the soft side. What is the best option for suspension upgrades?
The tank is very durable and can act as a crash bar except for any pretty paint. My X Challenge can been over many times and has the big TT tank. It gets scratched but can take a licking. The motor seems pretty well protected without bars. Bike is heavy enough without them.
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