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Back into the mountains. This should be our last range before Battle Mountain. I decided I wanted some diner food and John was hoping for a shower.

As we dropped out of the mountains, the fires started to show themselves. You should be able to see some mountains back there behind these cows. Smokey Bear is not impressed.

In Battle Mountain we got some chain lube for John's very worn chain and asked the Napa guy where to eat.

"Well, you got the Owl Club...that's purty good. Then you got the Hideaway Steakhouse. That's purty good too." (looks around conspiratorily) "It's REAL good."

Don't question the locals, we say. On to the Hideaway Steakhouse. For reasons unexplained, they wouldn't let us in at first, then changed their minds and decided to seat us. We chose the table that already had somebody at it.

What's that? An elk burger? I want some...

The food was bad and the service was terrible, but at least we didn't spill a whole tub of soup all over the table. Oh wait, that happened too. Next time you're in Battle Mountain, I'd recommend trying the Owl. It might not be better, but it's probably not worse.

After food, we almost got a motel but decided that open air was more important than running water. With no obvious campsites, we headed out on the TAT in search of BLM land.

We found a spot in the middle of nowhere with a little holding tank for cover.

I'm on a tank. I'm on a tank. Everybody look at me 'cause I'm standin' on a tank.

There were mountains around in every direction, but you wouldn't have known because the smoke was so thick. Sunset revealed the truth. It was cool watching the sun drop behind nothing.

This was our first day of real dust and desert. The expanse of the land was staggering to the point of being impossible to fully grasp. The world we're used to was starting to feel very far away. Time to rest the bikes and get some sleep. We both knew that there was a lot more of Nevada out there waiting for us.

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