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While the 3-point fastening of the GiT plate is more rigid than the floating BD (and anectdotally that seems to make a difference ), the fundamental issue IMO is that you have a soft (metallurgically speaking) Aluminium bash plate with no structural support from the bike at the front.... and a very heavy bike. Any big hit will bend the plate, and move the oil tank, and bend the rad.

Albeit on the adv, my Alu bash plate took a direct hit when the front wheel dropped off a ledge into a hole. Bike bottomed on the ledge. Very un-dramatic - didn't even interrupt riding rhythm. But it bent the plate like a piece of cheese.
And if I thought I underestimated the impact, it took just one(1) blow with the 10lb hammer to straighten it.

The only sure solution is to relocate the oil tank & mount the bash plate to the frame/engine mounts.
It's been done - can't remember who now... ;)
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