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Yesterday we rode 500 miles from Jasper to Vancouver. Today was fairly calm and we have a short 320 mile ride down to Portland. Because of this, we weren’t rushing to get ready and even had half a day to do touristy things.

By 10am we arrived at the "Hanging Gardens of Babylon":

The description of the bridge states that it can hold up to the weight of 96 elephants, so it's not possible to fit the amount of people needed to break it. The amount of people here today reminded me of a bazaar and on the way back the bridge was practically filled. The bridge was rocking like a boat and you can see people felt butterflies in their stomach, especially at that height. You can make a pretty good base jump from here.

The park had a good layout and good design, horseshoe shaped walkways over the cliff and small bridges between the red woods, folk lore music played in the background and some restaurants. The entrance fee was on the high side and it's not a place you can spend the whole day.

They told stories of the animals they keep at this park:

Boys will be boys. Some people can't even handle getting close to one of these slimy banana slugs, these boys ran around showing it to everyone:

After that we rode to downtown Vancouver, what a charming city!

This building reminds me of the iron shaped building in NYC on 23rd Street:

While moms and dads drink refreshing drinks, the kids are cooling down in the fountains:

There was a marathon in the city today and the porta potties were everywhere:

City guard. Seems like he's of Mongolian decent:

And my personal reason for going here - Gastown:

There’s so much energy here, so much is going on!

I can imagine how great it would be here at night under the street lights. We went into one of the many cafes and got some ice cream and espresso. We sat down and rested before the upcoming ride.

Looks like any other car parked in front of this luxurious hotel. However this is a Tesla, an electric powered car. Instead of a gas tank it's powered by a wall outlet. The top speed is 125mph and 0-60 in 5.6 seconds:

Right in the middle of the city is a cruise ship port and something that looks like the Sydney Opera:

Sometime around 2-3 we returned to our bike, which can be stored in any spot, and set out for Portland.
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