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Originally Posted by JRWooden View Post
There are a bunch of guys selling similar levers on eBay...
I notice that in the details it says bulbs are not included ... so be sure you have some lever-bulbs on hand

Seriously... I asked the same question on another thread sometime back,
but no one would admit to having purchased any of the Chinese-Varios.

I'd ask the vendor if they will fit, I'll bet they will ... just the fitment charts are out of date they don't list anything after 2011

I did!

I'm British and we don't manufacture anything any more, so buying from China is much more socially acceptable here.

Seriously though, I bought a set of knock Chinese ones that cost 62 delivered for the pair. Build quality is superb on them. The only slight niggling thing is that there isn't a spring (nor any way to attach one) on the brake lever, the way there is on the OE part. The consequence of this is that there is a couple of degrees of 'slack' before the brake engages. Felt really weird to begin with, but within 5 miles of riding felt normal. I don't notice it anymore, even when riding my bike back to back with a stock one. It in no way, shape or form affects "feel" when actually on the brakes or my ability to brake properly.

My bike has hit the deck about 70 times with these babies attached and I have never had a broken lever. I should point out, however, that I also have the biggest OE handguards and I also keep my switchgear loose enough that whilst it won't move during riding, a firm clout on the levers will rotate them around the bars. I just figured the fold up action would add another plane that they can remover in and slightly further decrease the chance of a broken lever. I've stopped carrying spare levers on shorter (weekend) trips, such is my faith in these now.
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